Essential Oil Blends

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Essential Oil Blends

Our unique blends of essential oils are hand crafted to create a natural fragrance experience in your home. With health and wellness benefits recommended by aromatherapists, each formula is created with these in mind. Enjoy the unique aroma of our essential oil blends in a quality electric diffuser.

For the full description of blends and wellness benefits please see our Fragrance Menu before making your selection.

LivEssence essential oils are 100% pure and of the highest quality. All oils are sourced from ethical and responsible sources.


Product Description

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Available in a matte black, labelled 10ml glass bottle, with cap and dripolater.

Each formula is of a unique, natural colour depending on the oils used



Use approximately 20 drops per 500ml of clean, room temperature tap water in a high qualty electric diffuser*

*This is a recommendation by aromatherapists only. Your own experimentation will be required and we recommend using half the recommended amount to begin with until you find the strength suitable for your environment. Please follow the diffuser manufacturers guidelines and seek the recommendations of a health professional for personal advice on using essential oils. Not for consumption.

For further safety information on essential oils please visit